Wednesday, February 10, 2010

To bead or blog?

To bead or blog, that's the question. I used to spend my tuesday evenings blogging, but as that is quite time-consuming (at least the way I blog is) I cannot spend that time beading. Both I like, but finishing a beaded piece for one month in just about 2 nights a week is not an accomplishable goal... so it has been very quit at my end of the universe...

15th centure beaded piece (image from : Medieval

This I wrote in a few quiet minutes at work yesterday not knowing my day would turn my side of the universe upside down. Maybe now it is time to tell why I wrote earlier that I just want to try and make something nice and in the meantime enjoy life because it is mine. And I don't say this lightly..  Some of you may already know that I have been struggling with a recurrent, severe depression over the past 2 years. During the hollidays (not my favorite time of year) it got worse. Yesterday I, my counselor and my shrink decided it would be best if I got admitted for a time to get some rest and recover. So right now I am not in my home, nor at work but at the "Internet Cafe"  in the hospital. I have limited internet acces but was delighted to discover that I can blog at least, just to let you know that I am doing fine considering the circumstances.

The most positive side of it all is that I seem to get time to bead and blog! My january piece is almost finished and I am thinking about february already. I am sorry I cannot post any pictures right now, because I would love to hear your comments. More on that later.

Whatever happens, even during the most dark of times, know that there is always something to smile about. At least I know I laughed my pants off when I recently saw this video:


  1. Dees, Do take care and know that your fellow beaders and bloggers are cheering for you!

  2. Dees, sometimes our life lessons are not packaged in quite the way we would anticipate or expect. I am praying for you and I know that beading and blogging can both help to keep the darkness from dragging on your legs. There is light within you and your beading and your blog can help you access it. Congratulations on being brave enough to be honest on your blog -- so many people comment to me..."How can you be so "personal" on your blog? It's so public?" And I answer that the benefits of my honesty with the world have far far out-weighed any negative. In fact, I can't think of one negative event that has occurred from my public blogging of my private life. In fact, the thing I most feared, my family knowing what I really felt and thought -- only brought them closer to me!! That was a surprise!

    I wish you strength,and continued courage and manageable days and beautiful moments of insight. Just moments for now. lots of love, Susan

  3. dees, i wish i could send you a private message. your post really struck a chord with me because i have bipolar disorder (among other mental illness problems) and before i was diagnosed and medicated i also spent some time in the hospital for my severe depression. so i am saying special prayers for you right now...from someone who has been there, done that.

    are you allowed to bead in the hospital? they wouldn't let me go near my little needle...and i needed my beading so much, especially at that moment because beading is my daily therapy. well, i can't wait to see what you bead next. i am eagerly waiting for your next artistic creation!!! hugs!

  4. Much love being sent to you, dear Dees . . . .

    Kathy V in NM

  5. oh Dees. Know that I am with you 100% and thinking of you all the time. Once again, if only we were closer in miles... please let me know when you can how you are doing, friend...

  6. Dear friends, thank you all so much for you uplifting words. I cannot express how much they all mean to me.

    you are so right! I read an older post on your blog the other day that said it all. I just have to decipher the code I to get the meaning of this lesson.

    I left a post on your FB-wall to let you know how to reach me personally. Would love to get in touch.

    yes, if only! I will sent you an e-mail soon. I can acces my webmail so at least that will give me some chance at keeping in touch with the world.


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