Monday, March 15, 2010

Growing strong?

I don't know where it is written, but there must be a law that states that when you encounter something it will be the first of whole series of encounters.... To me it always leaves the impression of close encounters of a third kind: "This means something, this is important!"

It al started with my doodling around while at the office talking to a customer. With just a few simple lines a tree appeared and I thought it would be nice to be able to use it for the Bead Journal Project sometime. Then I visited Susan Elliot at Plays with Needles and read that she was growing a tree! So a few encounters later I was hesitant to start my own home-grown greenery, afraid it would look like plagiarism and I certainly don't intend to be a copycat!

Luckily I realized that my BJP would be about me, not about Susan, nor about any other tree-minded designers. They have inspired me immensely though and I am grateful for their efforts to share. For this moment I will leave you with my humble beginnings on my march journal page and adventure in growing green and strong this spring...

Do not be afraid to go out on a limb ... That's where the fruit is.




  1. Silly you! Copy Cat! Never! Yes, we all inspire each other. Your tree is so unique. The quote is perfect. I love that you have a heart at the center of yours. Your tree looks strong. We await the next progress post.
    xx Carol

  2. your tree is a true beauty! i love how strong the roots are...the sturdy foundation for a long, healthy life. it's lovely!

  3. Your tree is fabulous and I LOVE that quote....I am going to paint it on my kitchen wall...

    Gerry K.

  4. Beautiful new growth with a heart at it's centre. Kt.

  5. Silly is right! I just copied Shel Silverstein, if you want to look at it that way....I love your piece this month...And I think it's a beautiful parody on your life. It takes time to make each of those little individual leaves...I know THAT too well...*smile. Give yourself time to grow...little by little...and the result will be glorious. You are just one super-duper person Dees. I'm so glad I found you. xo Susan

  6. Beautiful beginning and I love the way the roots are coming off the page.

  7. Lots of leaves are growing, supported by roots that go further than we realize. And like Carol said, we do inspire each other.
    Marty S
    Crackpot Beader

  8. Hi Dees

    I feel unworthy to post with you beading blogging creative genius Godesses, but I felt a connection to you, through Susan. I love your unique version of branching out. I use the same quote in my classroom syllabus! I am having great fun with my "tree"; I think it should be a book project in itself...My Year with the Giving Purse. So many conversations and people have come into my life, even just briefly...amazing how it transcends any situation. Maybe I will use it for awhile and pass it along to where it's needed for another journey...

  9. Wonderful! I love the heart at the center and the colorful roots. I'm anxious to see it completed!

  10. Dees, your tree is unique and absolutely wonderful! I love trees - trees, leaves, and birds are my favorite subjects - and I truly enjoy seeing different people's interpretations of them. You've done a great job with "tree" - the heart, the way you've done the leaves, the roots - I love everything about it!

  11. I can tell this month's beadwork will be my favorite piece of all your works yet. Your pieces are artistic, graceful, emotional, beautiful, and moving as I too have struggled with deep depression on and off through most of my life. But this tree is strong, vibrant, and willing me to look forward to more growth. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your wonderful beadwork!


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